GlobalTies US National Meeting 2022

globalties moving exchange forward

Author: Jennifer Zhao

This past week I attended the first in-person GlobalTies US National Meeting in two years along with our board president Mike O’Brien. GlobalTies US is our national umbrella organization which provides training, funding administration, and connectivity non-profits across the country focused on international exchanges.

Jennifer Zhao and May Shogan

It was wonderful to meet up with colleagues passionate about citizen diplomacy. Pictured here are representatives from Denver, Chicago, Sacramento, Detroit, Kalamazoo, and New Hampshire!

We heard from Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the importance of citizen diplomacy on our national security strategy and tackling issues such as climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

I was honored to meet May Shogan, Director of Education and International Visitors of the International Institute of Buffalo. We are looking forward to further collaborations on expanding citizen diplomacy in NY State!

I also spoke at a session on “Digital Storytelling Beyond the Basics: Promoting Community and Accessibility in Your Media Strategy” along with co-presenters Faris Alami of International Strategic Management and Ashley Holben of Mobility International USA.

Personally, I walked away with so much learning and inspiration, and feeling recharged and renewed in our mission to move exchange forward and facilitate citizen diplomacy and cross-cultural understanding. Until next year, see you all in 2023!